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Twisted Shuffle vital idiotVital Idiot makes his debute on Twisted Shuffle (Housepital) with a great shuffled Deep-House tune. We are so in love with this big bad bass he created in “Further” which just keeps on groovin’ in the tune. Twisted Shuffle has been known for its repertoire and we are delighted that we can add this wonderful new single of Vital Idiot to it! The track has everything Twisted Shuffle is standing for and Vital Idiot sure knows how to put a bit extra on top of it!

If you are into Deep-House and Tech-House music be sure to just press ‘play’ one time (see bellow) and hear what we are talking about! If you like the tune show some love and drop a comment which is highly appreciated by Vital Idiot and us (the Housepital team and Twisted Shuffle)! We feel and hear how much time, effort and love has been put into this track and we are very happy to share this with the world! The new tune by Vital Idiot will be released on Beatport as a two weeks exclusive, after that the tune will be worldwide available at all major download and streaming portals!

You can now listen to the tune over here on Soundcloud, as you can see we have included the full Radio Edit so you can listen to the whole track which is not limited to an annoying 1,5 minute snippet ;-)! We know what you are looking for and we are very happy to present to you the latest track by Vital Idiot!

Soundcloud preview

About Vital Idiot

Vital Idiot is a Finnish house producer and a dj with wide background as a professional musician. After receiving huge amount of inspiration and pleasure from house music throughout his life, Vital Idiot has decided to give something back.

His passionate love story with house music started when he was just a kid, approximately 11 years old. His first computer was soon filled with beats and loops and there were several cd’s burned (U remember the days?). When he became 15 he decided to take a minor sidestep from producing and became a professional drummer. After some 8 years or so Vital Idiot decided to pursue a career in producing and dj:ing house music. His style has eventually evolved through many years towards the deeper territory of house with a big aim to take deep house forward, find new sounds and push the genre-limits off their course with only one rule: love what you do and share it.

In the year 2015 Vital Idiot starts off with his debut single ‘Further’ which is a smooth blend of deep house tradition and VI’s personal touch. It’s out on Twisted Shuffle Records. There is a lot more to come soon, VI is definitely going to shake the clubs with more than just one hit in 2015.

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