Tom Collin press pictureI used Housepital´s mastering service for the track “Change the world” by Tom Collin, soon to be released on Royal Ravers. The mastering engineer really understood the point with the track and pushed it in the right way.

After the first mastering I discovered a few things that needed to be adjusted in the mix and there was no problem doing a second mastering of the track. I am very pleased with the second and final result and a thumb up for the quick response and the short time to delivery.
-Tom Collin, “Change the world”

If you got inspired by the mastering for Tom Collin “Change The World” we are happy to receive your enquiry for Housepital Mastering! We are always looking for a new track and as you can see we will give feedback, helping you to make the best out of it! Tom Collin was happy to use our services and recommends you to use it also! We give fair rates, good feedback, discount on multiply orders and we are always open to make your track better! There are a lot of services out there claiming that they will provide you with the best quality but you won’t get it. We will take that extra step and help you getting the best quality out of it!

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