DEAN PROMO PIC newest gifAnother great mastering project, this time we mastered “Tell My Why” by Dean Dignam. Dean Dignam made a massive House anthem with a proper groove! Find out why he has chosen Housepital Mastering for this mastering enquiry!

“Choosing Housepital to master my track was an easy choice to make, having read other testimonials and listening to tracks mastered by Housepital i knew i wanted that ‘sound’ for my final mix” – dean dignam

About Dean Dignam

Dean Dignam is a music producer and music enthusiast.
His obsession with music started at a very young age with his parents constantly listening to all kinds of music. Throughout his formative years he heard everything from house and hip-hop, to the legendary (in his opinion) Gary Numan.
His father was in a electro/rock band in the early 80’s and both his parents encouraged Dean to play a variety of instruments. Dean’s talents didn’t stop there and his next move was to teach himself the art of DJing with an old turntable and a cassette player, before being bought his first pair of mixing decks.
With his passion for music and his enthusiasm for having a good time he soon became a popular DJ at school discos and friends parties.

Not satisfied with listening to music from other people Dean knew he wanted to compose his own so he started making tracks using MUSIC on the PlayStation. He moved onto e-Jay on the P.C, followed by the more serious Pro Tools. He currently uses Ableton Live.

His musical talents aren’t just limited to digital creations. He can play nearly any instrument or device you hand him. His studio contains a 7 piece drum set, two electric guitars, an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar, two keyboards, a piano and a Stylophone to name but a few.
When he is not busy making and producing music, he is busy listening to, and talking about music with his ever suffering, yet supportive, fiancée.
Dean also enjoys a wide variety of sports, but cannot swim, much to the great amusement of his friends and family. When he is not in his studio his favourite thing to do is to watch films and eat popcorn with his beautiful five year old daughter.

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