Why mastering your music? As an artist you can get far with a proper mixdown. But professionally mastering your music will add those final touches to make a shining gem out of your product. With this unique selling point you can stand up against other (commercial) music and allows your music to be playable on a wide variety of sound systems

With the increase of home studios over the last decade, music production is now available to the masses, however, most will not have access to the equipment that will give you that unique competitive professional edge. Professionally mastering your tracks gives them depth, punch, clarity and volume. It also helps your music translate well to the outside world.

Once mastered, your tracks should sound good on as many different sound systems as possible – Ipods and desktop speakers, home hi-fi systems, car stereos, Radio / TV transmissions and of course: club sound systems. It is also useful to have someone master your song with fresh ears. Our mastering engineer will give you an unbiased perspective on your songs. When mixing for days on end you are so ‘close’ to your music that it can be hard to listen objectively.

As a label and artist we know this “tunnel vision” can make your track sound awesome in your ears but you might miss some essential details. Our engineers will often hear elements of the mix that need fixing, which can help an artist produce a better mixdown, which in turn produces a better master! Often overlooked, mastering your music compilation or CD album can help album ‘flow’ nicely from one track to the next in terms of both overall tone and level. Our team is ready to help you with making those changes and making your tracks even sound better than now!

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