At Housepital mastering we work with different methods and we approach every product as a unique new track. As an artist you can choose from four different methods which all have special benefits to make your product top notch:

1. Standard Mastering
Quick online mastering for the fast needs of getting that professional feeling on your track. If your pre-mix is good but you are missing that special x-factor we can add it for you! More info: here.

2. Full Mastering
The big difference between “Normal Mastering” and “Full Mastering” is that we will providing you with the whole deal! We securely listen your audio track(s) and give you technical feedback for making adjustments to the audio mixdown prior the mastering. This means we will carefully listen to the levels, elements, stereo/panning of the stems, distortion, clicks/hits, arrangement and other elements of the song. With over 10 years of experience as an artist, running a label and managing artists under Housepital we know what works and what not and we will share these experience to make your product even better! After we received the amended files we will start the mastering. More info: here.

3. Stem Mastering (maximum of 6 stems)
Stem mastering is different from 2 track stereo mastering. Stem mastering uses a number of grouped instruments such as drums, bass, sub bass, lead synth 1, lead synth 2, effects sweeps etc. This allows the mastering engineer additional scope to discretely enhance and optimize any specific set of instruments within a mix down! More info: here.

4. Mix & Mastering
Mixing is a blending of both art and science. We utilizes a high fidelity mixing room that allows every nuance of a song to be addressed. The room is professionally tuned to provide the most detail and best possible sound. After the mixing the Full Mastering service will start giving you that professional sound you are looking for! More info: here.

Standard Mastering – Full Mastering – Stem Mixing – Mix & Mastering – Pricing Tables

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