1fe5d4a7f57ecda532d1b8fe849a29cd I am very happy with the mastering. I thought my track sounds great, but honestly, I was really amazed for how much scope there was for improvement. So, I am very thankful for the job you did, and also for the good comminication. – Even Karlsen
Mastering of my track had been done by Housepital sound engineers. It definitely sounds louder and warmer, exactly as I’d wish it sound! Great job! Thank you!” – Beatburger
marqa “Housepital’s mastering service is nothing but top notch! The turnaround time was extremely quick and the final product was presented with clarity, punch and a much needed boost in overall volume. In the past I have used other mastering houses but  have now found my go to service. Great job guys!” – MarqA
Jordan Ferrer Housepital “Loving the masters, such an amazing quality for both versions of the track. The service was really fast as they got the unmastered files and send the mastered version the next day and the price was excellent for the amazing result” – Jordan Ferrer
Tom Fresh Housepital “Wow! These guys did an amazing job on the mastering of my track ‘Goblin’. This was the first time ever I was instantly completely satisfied with the result of a mastering. I will be coming back to these guys for sure” – Tom Fresh
Nicolas De Andra “I am very glad I have chosen Housepital Mastering. Not only do they have a broad palette of mastering options but you also have the possibility of making changes to your track and sending It back and forward to the master engineer so that the end product sounds really polished. Communication went smooth and fast as lightning. They are really into to the scene and speak the international EDM language, so they will understand your desires and genre-specific requirements for the track/song in question. I know that whenever I choose their service, my tracks sound professionally and blasting good in whatever system. No more worries. If you are into producing EDM, Housepital Mastering is the way to go” – Nicolas De Andra 
Azzat Ray Mastering
“I’ve been looking for good service which would correspond to my requirements. After sending my track I received them mastered very quickly. In the current loudness war my track now sounds very tight with good dynamics. I recommend anyone, who is looking for a quality sound mastering service for your tracks to try out Housepital Mastering. Besides the quality the price is quite affordable. In the future I will use this service” – Azzat Ray
sb productions “I was pleased by Housepital’s mastering service. I was especially happy with how responsive and communicative the mastering engineer (Scotty) was with me throughout the process. I was also glad that I could ask for amendments to the mix based on my preferences without any additional fees” – *SB* Productions
PITAL328D_small “Our tracks have definitely got the proper touch. Housepital Mastering made both our tunes sound very good on every broadcasting system, having clarity and punch while not loosing any dynamics” – Dirty Nights
andy walder on housepital “Due to the cooperation with Housepital mastering group your tracks get the sound, which is appreciated by all the leading EDM labels (including myself). Even if you are an experienced producer, don’t be lazy to send your track to these guys. They will analyze your composition at the highest level, will offer several ways for resolving certain issues and, quite probably give your track a sound, which you can only dream of! In addition, you save your time and save a lot of money on this service.” – Andy Walder
IMG_5576 “The Mastering Service by Housepital Mastering has a very fast turn-around and delivered with quality! The rates are fair and I had good personal contact with the mastering engineer himself. I could ask questions and make amendments to my mix.” – DJ Bankson
Photo “I really had big expectations from Housepital mastering service and in fact they didn’t disappointed me at all! The releases they have on their own labels speaks for them, but beyond professionality, they also offer kindness and fast delivery..you can be sure they won’t stop working until you’ll be totally pleased! The difference I noticed in sound depth, details and output volume, between the pre-mastered track and the finished one is huge! Try to believe…highly recommended services!” – Fabrizio D’Asse
racklogo1 “Really happy with the mastering. The bass has been bought to life with a real deep wide feel. The track feels vibrant and alive and the loudness is just right.  Will be using Housepital for mastering in the future” – Rack Music
DEAN PROMO PIC newest gif “Choosing Housepital to master my track was an easy choice to make, having read other testimonials and listening to tracks mastered by Housepital i knew i wanted that ‘sound’ for my final mix” – Dean Dignam
IMG_3366 “I got my track mastered pretty fast and the sound was just amazing. The service was awesome! Special thanks to Scotty who is very helpful in the working process. My track now sounds just like I wanted it to sound” – Rolan
Jaques Le Noir 2 “The mastering service that offers Housepital is guaranteed by the fact that many of the releases coming out on this label come in the standings, and the products that are selected are a level above the average. I had the pleasure of using their service about my latest release, and I noticed a substantial difference in the finished product. I highly recommend their service” – Jaques Le Noir / Bsharry
Lau Savano & Mallenza original “Let me think what we can say about Housepital Mastering. Yes, only positive things! Low cost for a very high quality mastering. Quick turn around within a few days. Professional feedback and above all, it brings your music to the next level! Housepital Mastering is our choice for EDM mastering” – Lau Savano & Mallenza
TomCollinPress02 “The mastering engineer really understood the point with the track and pushed it in the right way. After the first mastering I discovered a few things that needed to be adjusted in the mix and there was no problem doing a second mastering of the track. I am very pleased with the second and final result and a thumb up for the quick response and the short time to delivery” –Tom Collin
1040676_393809274069497_943166617_o “I am very satisfied with the mastering service which Housepital mastering offers, because: 1. They give you feedback about the track in general, 2. They boost the missing frequencies in your mix, 3. You can change your track, after you’ve received feedback. After that they master the track once again, until you have the desired sound.” – Daniel Robson
martingee-credentials-housepital “I highly recommend the Housepital mastering service’s due to the fact they want the track to sound the best it can as much as the artist does, i also love the fact if they see where your track could be improved they will point this out and let you change/alter the track and then re-master for you. if you want the best for your track I would definitely recommend Housepital mastering.” – Martin Gee
dshunt-credentials-housepital “When completing my latest track, “Lost without You”, I was very happy with the Mix, but was keen to ensure that the master was perfect. On utilising Housepital’s extremely competitive mastering service, the results surpassed my expectations. I have absolutely no reservations for using this service for my future projects.  Now I’m just looking forward to releasing the track!” – DSHunt
corbino-credentials-housepital “You send them your track which you thought was perfect. Housepital Mastering gives you feedback and masters the track which makes the track even better. And then its ready to jump in the charts!” – Corbino
niklas-marklund-credentials-housepital “Awesome work! Great finishing touches on my remix, I would definitely recommend Housepital mastering to any musician” – Niklas Marklund
andy boslem “Great job, very professional, fast, friendly and I was given lots of advice about the track too. I will always look to Housepital for all my mastering jobs” – Andy Boslem
robert meles “I am extremely happy with housepital mastering. Good punchy sound. Very fast delivery and great communication with the mastering engineer” – Robert Meles
robert meles “The Housepital mastering service gave us the opportunity to master our tracks in a professional way for a great price. It boosts your song quality from good to great.” – Beatloopers
robert meles “I´m really satisfied with all the audio technical results provided by Housepital Mastering. Quality express clearness and it´s simply great. Many thanks to the entire Housepital Team.” – Edu Yattah
robert meles “I’ve let Housepital studios master multiple tracks of mine, they all sounded great!. Housepital studios is very fast, cheap and it’s the perfect way to give your track that bit extra to make it ready for the dance floors.” – Thomas La Salle
robert meles “Housepital Studio is the studio! Fast, professional and competent. The masters are dancefloor bombs, clean in the details and powerful in the groove. Always available and kind to find the right way for every track. Guarantee!” – Rafa Ristallo aka Eu Bolos
robert meles “Housepital mastering is the perfect way to get your tracks mastered and ready for the clubs! Quick responses and great sounding tracks are the reason why I choose for Housepital Mastering!” – Robin Roovel
robert meles “The Housepital mastering service has been perfect for me to give my productions that extra edge before a release! Skilled engineers, fast and very affordable! I will recommend this to all my fellow producers!” – Dancyn Drone
robert meles “I love Housepital mastering. The sound of a track will get fatter for sure and vocals will sound super bright! Best part is: it will sound awesome on any sound system, even on the crappy car stereo of my girlfriend! :-)” – Aemilius
robert meles “Housepital mastering gives me quick and extensive feedback on my tracks. The engineer gives friendly and constructive feedback how to make my productions better without offending the artist (or its work) before finishing it up for the final master. The mastering service is great and the quality is top notch!” – Sander Ayal
robert meles “Mastering service by Housepital is probably the best in the industry. The price is very low and the costumer service on the top. Will advise Housepital Mastering to my buddies.” – Romeo Quenn
robert meles “I always use the mastering service from Housepital. They always know what’s important within the productions. They really bring my tracks to a higher level, for a fair and good price!” – Extrano
robert meles “Housepital Mastering is where it’s at. Low cost, quick turn around and  a banging finished product. Very professional service and great communication. Housepital are our go to guys” – Samy Rich (Stereosoulz)
robert meles “I am very happy with the end product when using the Housepital Mastering Service. The track sounded fantastic and the price was very low considering the very high quality of the master. The service i received from the team was great and i will be sure to use them again” – Kris Mclachlan
robert meles “I am extremely satisfied with the Housepital mastering services. They provide quality mastering very fast and the communication is great. The price is very acceptable as well.” – David Mel

Credentials For Housepital

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