DJ Synchro returns on Twisted Shuffle

synchroIt was about time that DJ Synchro released a new tune on the mighty Twisted Shuffle (Housepital) but we are very happy to announce that he has just released his latest single on the Twisted Shuffle imprint! One Chance is the latest addition of DJ Synchro’s repertoire. This track is a heavy-weight Deep-House tune filled with groove, energy and positive emotions!

Imagine, in a far past in a small town in Groningen, Holland. The first dance-tracks are heard on the radio and house music rises. Somewhere a young DJ-to-be is hooked on the radio, a tape recorder in reach, waiting for that one special track. He spells the charts, never misses a show and because of that, he makes a rock solid base for a musical career.

Soon just recording tracks from the radio wasn’t enough. After a couple of attempts the first dance-compilations started to develop.  In the local town-club he could let it all out and for a enthusiastic crowd he plays and mixes the music. A couple of turntables, a mixing desk and loads of records were purchased. A simple hobby was growing into a semi-professional concept. The only thing what was missing was a real DJ name. And because mixing is all about synchronicity, the name ‘DJ Synchro’ was quickly found. The story continues, so stay tuned for more!

Last but not least Extrano is joining the party! He made one hell of a Tech-House groover of the original cut. Extrano is familiar with the Deep-House genre but took a new approach remixing the original and giving it a fresh twist. We are very happy with the result and you can hear how much time, energy and love Extrano has put into remixing the original mix by DJ Synchro! Feedback is always much appreciated by the artist so leave a comment or trackback to let us know what you think of these two new dancefloor stompers!