Just in: Toni Costanzi with HUGE on Housepital

Huge Toni ConstanziOnce every time you get a record in your promo inbox and you know it’s a HIT record, Toni Costanzi’s latest track “huge” is one of those examples. The track has everything: proper build up, great vibes and A LOT of energy at the drop!

We are very happy that we could sign this wonderful new single by Toni Costanzi! Toni Costanzi was born in Agropoli (Salerno) July 1, 1994, the passion for the music flows through his veins since baby, when enjoyed with PC software and CD players. The desire to get involved seriously pushes him to improve and make series experiences in the summer of 2009 he began working with the “Io & Lui entertainment”, under the “Magic Night” brand of Domenico Camardo, a collaboration that led him to perform on different stages , including BlueMoon and the Pearl of the South, the magical New Carrubo discoteque (Summer 2012). This partnership, which continues today, he was immediately taken care of it and decided to marry this project at 100%.

Now, with his first record on Housepital, we can already hype up the place with his second single coming soon called “Horriko” which will be released VERY soon! For now we would like to share a short preview of his current tune “Huge” which is out now as  a 2 weeks exclusive at Beatport on Housepital Records!

If you have your own unsigned track please do not hesitate and send it over to: promos[at]housepital.nl! Please give our promo-team at least 5 (work)days time to review your track (you are not the only one submitting great new music ;-))! Rock on and enjoy: Toni Costanzi with Huge!

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