Ian Green Joins Twisted Shuffle With Godiya

Ian Green GodiyaFrom the first moment we received this demo by Ian Green we have fallen in love with the great vibes and atmosphere he has put into this tune. Ian Green has put all the right ingredients and made one of the best Twisted Shuffle (Housepital) tracks so far. A good combination of House, Techno and Deep-House elements that all come together in Godiya! GOOD!

About Ian Green
Ian Green is not just a DJ – he’s a key player on the music scene. As well as being an active musician, the young Ljubljana producer is also the founder of the record label and multimedia collective Chakra, which took form with the release of his debut Self Controled, an album of progressive house with a hint of trance. In the following years, his style changed significantly, and he is currently focused on a blend of tech house and techno, with a trace of progressive. He is a part of the worldwide Xceed family as well as an Xceed Records member.
Ian Green supports fresh music and also sounds that way.

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